Is it hard being a caregiver?

Because being a caregiver is so difficult, your health can be affected. You may feel stressed or overwhelmed about being a caregiver. You may find that you spend a lot of your time caring for other people, but you neglect your own health. Some of the caregiver's own tasks can put additional strain on your body.

This is where Home Care Senior Services in Puyallup WA can help. Caregiving is often a full-time job that can affect your health and well-being, your work performance, and your overall life balance. It can cause stress, anger, or resentment, and sometimes it can feel like your relationship with your family member is now an obligation. This fact sheet will identify some of the common, often difficult to admit, feelings experienced by caregivers. Caring for a person with dementia, in particular, can be even more difficult, since the person receiving the care may be irrational and combative.